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Rodolphe grew up among horses as his mother was a well-known Instructor of Equestrian High-School as well as the first woman trot-trainer for race horses in France.
Close to their house were the stables with ponies and steeds.
He was always fascinated by these noble animals and one day, at the age of 6, he has met for the first time Frédéri cDurollet, Equine Dentist who came to consult his horses. Frédéric Durollet had a great reputation throughout France and Africa and has had more than 25 years of experience by that time.
By watching how this man had been working, Rodolphe discovered his own passion to help horses.
At the age of 18 he decided to follow this passion and started a 2 years long apprenticeship with Frédéric Durollet as his mentor in learning all the details in the field of equine oral hygiene and treatment.
He was always a fervent rider and became also “Cavallier de 2ème Catégorie” in Obstacle Jumping in France.


It is relatively simple to recognize if a horse has dental disorders:

Drop Partially Chewed Food (Quid)

The Horse Is Depressed, Has Mastication Problems Or Is Quidding Forage…

Food Packing

« Hamster Like » Food Packing In The Cheeks…

Head Carriage Disorders

Disorders Around Contact Areas Of Bit, Bridle And Noseband. Large Cheek Teeth Overgrowths That Restrict Jaw Movement. Other Sharp Overgrowths That Contact The Cheeks And Tongue.

Causes of Weight Loss

Large Quantities Of Undigested Grain In Faeces. Long And Large Fibrous Particles In Faeces. Much Nourishment Not Obtained From Food. Weight Loss.