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Equestrian Smile

This is the website of international equine dentist Rodolphe Bailly. Rodolphe Bailly has been an equine dentist for over 18 years and has been serving horse owners and riding schools in Europe, Russia, UAE, South Asia, and South America. He travels all over the world with his services of equine dentistry. He treats horses of all different disciplines and sizes. If you have any doubt about the health of your horses teeth or any other difficulty regarding dentistry you can arrange by appointment, to have a consultation for your horse or ask any advice by contacting him directly using the page “Contact”. Please browse this site using the navigation menu.


It is relatively simple to recognize if a horse has dental disorders:

Drop Partially Chewed Food (Quid)

The Horse Is Depressed, Has Mastication Problems Or Is Quidding Forage…

Food Packing

« Hamster Like » Food Packing In The Cheeks…

Head Carriage Disorders

Disorders Around Contact Areas Of Bit, Bridle And Noseband. Large Cheek Teeth Overgrowths That Restrict Jaw Movement. Other Sharp Overgrowths That Contact The Cheeks And Tongue.

Causes of Weight Loss

Large Quantities Of Undigested Grain In Faeces. Long And Large Fibrous Particles In Faeces. Much Nourishment Not Obtained From Food. Weight Loss.